Special Programs

Special activities will be offered to children. Additional fees may apply. Calendars will be provided listing the dates of our activities.




JumpBunch introduces sports and fitness to your child in a hands-on setting. Their year round program utilizes activity pans that offer a different sport or activity with each class. Most of all, JumpBunch is a lot of fun – children are excited and eager to participate.








Every month we get a visit from the Bookmobile. This includes story time with Ms. Cindy from the Bookmobile and gives teachers the opportunity to pick out exciting new books for the children to use that month.




Hot Dog Day
Hot Dog Day is available every other Wednesday. Lunch includes a hot dog, fruit, dessert, and a drink.



Pizza Day
Pizza Day is available every Friday. Lunch includes pizza, fruit, dessert, and a drink.


Soccer Shots
Click Here to learn about Baltimore’s Premier Youth Soccer Program!